Info Night Agenda

View the agenda below so you can tune in at the parts that matter most to you and your family.

Kinder Agenda

6:00pm- 6:05pm        Welcome and introduction

6:05pm- 6:10pm         Kindergarten safety overview

6:10pm-6:15pm          Hear from a headmaster – school purpose, truth, beauty, and goodness

6:15pm-6:20pm          Kindergarten teacher – a day in the life of a kindergarten student

6:20pm-6:25pm          Special Education

6:25pm-6:30pm          Athenaeum – after school offerings

6:30pm-6:35pm          Enrollment at the school level

6:35pm-6:40pm          Close

Archway Agenda

6:45pm- 6:50pm         Welcome and introduction

6:50pm- 6:55pm         Archway safety overview

6:55pm-7:00pm          Hear from a headmaster – a day in the life of an Archway student

7:00pm-7:05pm          Specials teacher – offerings in foreign language, art, music, and physical education

7:05pm-7:10pm          Special Education

7:10pm-7:15pm          Athenaeum – after school offerings

7:15pm-7:20pm          Enrollment at the school level

7:20pm-7:25pm          Close

Prep Agenda

7:30pm- 7:35pm         Welcome and introduction

7:35pm- 7:40pm         Prep safety overview

7:40pm-7:45pm          Hear from a headmaster – a day in the life of a Prep student

7:45pm-7:50pm          Humane Letters

7:50pm-7:55pm          College Counseling

7:55pm-8:00pm          Athletics

8:00pm-8:05pm          Special Education

8:05pm-8:10pm          Enrollment at the school level

8:10pm-8:15pm          Close