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Great Hearts Summer Programs ~ Archway Lincoln

Our Great Hearts team is excited to announce our new and improved summer program – Summer Camp! We have created a full-day experience for children K-5 that is reminiscent of traditional camps from our childhood with the same quality you have come to expect from Great Hearts’ classical curriculum. Each week, scholars will experience hands-on, engaging activities in fine arts, reading, writing, crafts, science, math and history – all designed to inspire creativity and keep skills sharp over the summer. Each Camp also offers weekly guest presenters, camp songs and games while fostering lasting friendships.   Camps Start June 4th.

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Kinder Academy

Grades: For Incoming Kinder (and Wait-Listed Kinder) Students Only
Limit: 25 Scholars 

Kinder Academy is designed to acclimate incoming Kindergarteners to the Archway Schools and the Great Hearts curriculum. Kinder Academy will introduce letter names, letter sounds, letter formation, print awareness, number sense and the importance of the Archway virtues. Kinder Academy runs Monday through Friday from 8:00am-12:00pm.

Week One – Around the World in 5 Days: Get your passport ready! This exciting camp will take students around the world in a week! We will discover The Land of the Rising Sun, The Land Down Under, and the rich history of Europe. The camp will include classic stories, crafts and food from around the world.

Week Two – Junior Astronomers: At the start of the week the students will “lift off” to space and spend the week exploring the planets and stars of the solar system! Our campers will also learn about the constellations and the NASA space program, and will have fun with rockets.  Let the voyage begin!

Week Three – Science Detectives (Hands-On Experiments): Every child will become a scientist for the week and learn through hands-on science experiments. Critical thinking skills, scientific detective work and countless engaging discoveries are the features of this fun camp!

Week Four – Animal Habitats: Every day the students will learn about a new habitat, including oceans, deserts, urban areas, farms, rainforests and the polar region. Campers will also create their own animal habitat, complete with some role playing to “test” their habitats. Problem solving, creativity and Socratic discussion will be featured in this camp – along with some lively excitement!

*Kindergartners age 5 and older also have the option to register for Summer Camp. This program runs until 6:00pm daily.

Archway Summer Camp

Our unique Archway Summer Camps are designed to cultivate the Great Hearts’ mission for our amazing scholars.  Each week will feature a distinctive theme for K-5th grades with exciting activities based on the wide range of interests children have – science, math, art, literature, athletic skills, etc. Our goal is to make sure each child enjoys their time at camp while still stimulating their minds and deepening their sense of wonder.

Week 1 – Farm to Table II

Farm to Table II is a brand new crop of last summer’s extremely popular Farm to Table Camp. Campers will learn to preserve food and why this was, and continues to be, important to farmers and communities. We will also be quilting, making bread and planting a flower garden to take home.  Bio mimicry, food DNA and genetics are examples of science topics that we will introduce and explore.  Traditional camp songs, drama, games and skits will get the entire camp laughing and playing together as they work on a culmination of goods to “sell” at their own Friday Farmer’s Market (please bring a reusable bag for your items).

Week 2 – Mystery Camp

These effective detectives will start their week of sleuthing by deciphering codes, dusting for fingerprints, looking for clues and working as a team. We will introduce inference activities and other forensic science topics (from Latin forensis ‘in open court, public,’).  There will be evidence of problem solving, acute observation skills, forensic study, crime scenes and archaeology.  Examining historical documents and discussing theories about earth and our ancestors will be critical as we explore ancient mysteries that archaeologists are still trying to solve.  Campers will enjoy getting to know their counselors and teachers as they perform skits, play games and have a Mystery Showcase on Friday for their parents. “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”  Albert Einstein

Week 3 – Science Camp

Biology, oceanography and astronomy are three of the many sciences we will be diving into during Science Camp. We will have experiments and science games plus your creative campers will enjoy art, drama and hands-on learning. We are thrilled to have kinetic and pendulum art as part of our science curriculum.  Your young scientist/s will be forming wonderful relationships with peers as they actively seek answers to questions from the field.  On Friday, campers will invite parents to see what they did and share the many ways they engaged with their peers and teachers. “The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” Thomas Berger

Week 4 – Hello, Global Goodness

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ ” Martin Luther King asked to an audience in Montgomery, Alabama in 1957. This week, let us come together to inspire each other and embrace our differences. Our campers will discuss leadership and outreach. This camp will be full of service-based projects and discussions; learning about humanitarian efforts in other communities, as well as our own.  Campers will learn about people who have made a significant difference through art, volunteerism and ingenuity.  Each day we will include our nine core virtues and have conversations about how we measure acceptable and unacceptable behavior. According to the beliefs of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, one develops ethics through maturity, wisdom and love. He believed virtue was found primarily in human relationships, love and friendship, not through material gains. As always, we aspire to continually growing our scholars’ great hearts as well as their great minds.

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