Glendale Summer Academy

No refunds after May 1st. $15 change fee per camp.

Great Hearts Summer Academy ~ Archway Glendale

Your scholar won’t want to miss this year’s Summer Academy! We’ve been working all year designing fresh, exciting summer camps for our young scholars. Our four weeks of summer camps will feature fun and enriching activities for kids K-12, with each week focused around a unique “theme.” Students will experience hands-on, engaging activities in fine arts, reading, writing, crafts, science, math, and history – all designed to inspire creativity and keep skills sharp over the summer. Sports camps, Kindergarten camps, and “Prep for Prep” camps are also available. Weekly camps begin June 5th!


See below for full schedule and camp descriptions:



Kinder Academy

Grades: For Incoming Kinder (and Wait-Listed Kinder) Students Only
Limit: 25 Scholars  

Kinder Academy is designed to acclimate incoming Kindergarteners to the Archway Schools and the Great Hearts curriculum. Each week, students will experience a new theme to guide them through the skills needed in Kindergarten. Kinder Academy will introduce letter names, letter sounds, letter formation, print awareness, and number sense. Additionally, all students will experience the importance of the Archway virtues.


Kinder Camp

Grades: For Incoming Kinder Students (and Wait-Listed Kinder Students) Only
Limit: 25 Scholars

Kinder Camp will incorporate sports, games, arts & crafts, as well as story time and drama. This camp will change weekly and follow the themes below. Kinder Camp will have an emphasis on improving hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and narrating/expressing the main topics in a story. This camp is a natural extension to Kinder Academy, while being a fun and creative outlet for incoming Kindergarteners!

Week One – Around the World: Get your passport ready! This exciting camp will take students around the world in a week (talk about jet lag)! We will discover The Land of the Rising Sun, The Land Down Under and the rich history of Europe. The camp will include classic stories, crafts and food from around the world.

Week Two – Astronomy: “Man must rise above the Earth – to the top of the atmosphere and beyond – for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives” – Socrates

Let the adventure begin……students will learn about the constellations, the NASA space program, and fun with rockets!

Week Three – Science Detectives (Hands-On Experiments): Every child will become a scientist for the week and learn through hands-on science experiments.  Critical thinking skills, scientific detective work, and lots of engaging discoveries are the features of this fun camp!

Week Four – Habitats: “There’s no place like home”. Every day the students will learn about a new habitat, including oceans, deserts, urban areas, farms, rainforests, and the polar region. Campers will also create their own animal habitat, complete with some role playing to “test” their habitats. Problem solving, creativity, and Socratic discussion will be featured in this camp – along with some lively excitement!

Archway Summer Camp

Our unique Archway Summer Camps are designed to cultivate the Great Hearts’ mission for our amazing scholars.  Each week will feature a distinctive theme for 1st-5th grades with exciting activities based on the wide range of interests children have – science, math, art, literature, athletic skills, etc. Our goal is to make sure each child enjoys their time at camp while still stimulating their minds and deepening their sense of wonder.

Week 1 – Farm to Table: Our journey from “Farm to Table” gives campers a chance to learn what it means to grow, harvest, raise, and preserve food. We will be looking at the lost skills of farming through art history and passed-down family recipes. Experiments with photosynthesis, anatomy, and decomposition will help campers see nature at work. By the end of the week we will have a real farmer’s market where each student will sell goods they have made. Additionally, we will host a local farmer with produce for families to browse and shop, while discussing the importance of healthy choices for mind, body, and soul!

Week 2 – Inventions and Discoveries: Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” We will learn to “play” with the past as we learn about foundational discoveries affecting our lives today – From paper and plastic, catapults and castles, the light bulb and robotics, we will explore how discoveries and inventions are like a snowball effect, as one idea is a platform for another. Scholars will learn how it can take centuries of ideas before inventions come to fruition. On Friday, we will host a science fair, displaying the different inventions campers “played” with and came up with on their own!

Week 3 – Art-venture!: Join us on an ‘art-venture!’ Weave with the Japanese and paint with the Italians. Build alongside the world’s noted architects and bridge designers. Learn new and playful twists to pottery design, and explore the wonders of art in mathematics with the Fibonacci sequence. Parents and other guests will get to enjoy an exhibition as students lead an invigorating art walk at the end of the week!

Week 4 – Heroes and Villains: Imagine you are Odysseus battling the Cyclops or coming face to face with a Middle Earth monster. Can you see yourself solving a mystery with the great Sherlock Holmes or flying through Neverland? Great stories are a part of every culture and era and we can become personally inspired or repelled by the characters we read about. In ‘Heroes and Villains,’ we will be paying tribute to some of the most iconic characters of the Great Books. The camp will conclude with your child dressing up and acting as their favorite character; bringing it to life for parents and fellow campers!

Prep for Prep

Grades: For Rising 6th & 7th Graders
Limit: 25 Scholars

Developed by Great Hearts Archway and Prep school teachers.

Changing classrooms, multiple teachers, increased homework, new study skills, locker combinations, attending school with the “big kids” — are these some of the aspects of the big transition from Archway to Prep that are worrying your 5th grader? If so, sign your child up for “Prep for Prep,” our new course specifically designed to equip the 5th grade scholar for success in moving on to the Prep level. From annotating the Great Books to proper note-taking techniques in the classroom, from becoming comfortable with the prep school layout to learning how to navigate lockers during passing periods, our teachers will help your child organize their school day and maintain the demands of a multiple-teacher/multiple-class environment. Don’t fret! A smooth changeover awaits them!

The Art of the Seminar

Grades: Rising 6th and 7th graders
Limit: 25 Scholars

Price: $149

The Art of the Seminar serves as a supplement to our Prep for Prep offering. This class enhances your child’s ability to annotate the Great Books and engage in thoughtful discussions, which are the backbone of the Great Hearts education. Led by our passionate and encouraging teachers, all participants will strengthen their ability to analyze challenging text. 

Skyhawks Multi-Sport Camp

Grades: For Rising 1st- 5th Graders
Limit: 25 Scholars

This multi-sport camp is designed to introduce athletes ages 5 to 11 to a variety of different sports in one setting. For this program, participants will learn the fundamentals of soccer, flag football, basketball and other sports in one fun-filled week utilizing both indoor and outdoor facilities. This is a camp setting where athletes will learn the rules and essential skills of sports along equal parts fun and games. Each is different week to week with a focus on life lessons such as sportsmanship and teamwork.

Each participant will receive a camp t-shirt and merit award.

Play-Well Teknologies: STEM FUNdamentals with LEGO®

Grades: For rising 1st – 5th graders
Limit: 24 scholars

Level up your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO®! Apply real- world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as Gear Cars, Levers, Conveyor Belts, and Rail Racers! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Paiper-Mâché Animals

Grades: For Rising 1-5th Graders
Limit: 25 Scholars

Do you want to build an animal? There are countless examples of papier-mâché sculpture from around the world and from different periods. We will look at some of these master works to inspire and guide our young artists. Scholars will be able to take home a completed painted and decorated animal at the end of the week. We will work with papier-mâché, cardboard, and found objects to build our unique and creative piece. Please plan to send your child with an art shirt for this fun — and sometimes messy! — camp.

The Fly Guy: All Things That Fly

Grades: For Rising 1st – 5th Graders
Limit: 25 Scholars

How about spending the week making spaceships, catapult gliders, rocketry, kites, rubber-powered airplanes, and hot air balloons? Sound like fun? It sure is! But the best part is that your child will also be learning! Taught by Gary Alpert, who was a Phoenix elementary school teacher for 32 years, the power of these workshops is that they are both educational and a lot of fun!  We’ll make “10 Things That Fly” during the week while discussing the forces that affect objects in flight:  thrust, drag, gravity, and lift.

Dizzy Whisk: Cooking Camp

Grades: For Rising 1st – 5th Graders
Limit: 25 Scholars

The Dizzy Whisk Culinary Academy teaches students how to cook nutritious and creative snacks from scratch. Topics covered in culinary class includes Cooking/Food Safety, Importance of Healthy Nutrition, Proper Measuring/Chopping and Peeling, Spreading and Rolling Techniques, Taste and Smell, Manners and Etiquette and Foods From Around the World. We also use physical and creative activities, games, music and books to make learning fun and exciting.  Each child is assigned an apron and cooking kit and all recipe supplies are included. We will have a “Head Chef” each day who wears a child size chef hat and coat. Students will bring home recipes and parent handouts to help reinforce what is being taught and give parents helpful tips. Each session students will enjoy a delicious and healthy masterpiece as their finished product. Students have so much fun in Culinary School and they love to bring their skills home to share with their families!

Class of Colors

Grades: For Rising 1-5th Graders
Limit: 25 Scholars

What’s your favorite color? Have you mixed your favorite colors together? Have you blended ice creams or snow cones to experiment with color? Let’s explore a world of color this summer. We will learn about properties, associations, and different color effects! We will use prisms to see and draw rainbows, use the sun light to make colors change in paintings with leaf prints, and we will layer colors with various painting mediums and create works of art inspired by masters of color such as Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, Chagall, and more!

Middle School Art Studio

Grades: For Rising 6-8th Graders
Limit: 25 Scholars

We would like to invite you to register for our new Middle School Art Studio, a full day art experience on the Glendale campus, June 12-16, 2017. This camp runs from 9am-4:30pm with extended hours available. Join Glendale’s art teacher, Kate Benavidez, for this studio art experience. Incoming 6th – 8th grade students will draw, sculpt, paint, and reproduce pieces inspired by genius. They will examine master works from several historical periods. Exercising their own powers of observation, and appetites to know and understand, Glendale Prep artists will be challenged to think abstractly. They will discuss style, artistic movement, historical setting, and personal biography of each artist as they come to understand (through exercising their own artistic abilities) ways of thinking, seeing and describing reality. Please come ready to think, share, and create. Art shirt highly recommended.

Strategic Games Camp

Grades: For Rising 5-7th Graders
Limit: 30 Scholars

The Strategic Games Camp will take students beyond the classics of Monopoly and Chess and introduce them to a wide variety of challenging modern games, such as Mage Knight, King of Tokyo, Forbidden Desert, Warhammer, and Maze Rats! Students will learn strategy, teamwork, and critical problem solving skills as they maneuver armies across detailed miniature landscapes, navigate magical labyrinths, and construct transcontinental railways. Mr. Milton is a published game designer who has led the popular Archway Glendale Games Clubs for the last three years.